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Style Advisor: The Spring Wardrobe Refresh

Style Advisor: The Spring Wardrobe Refresh

The clocks have changed, and spring is finally here. It may be delayed, but gone are the snow drifts and winter coats. Although, in typical British fashion, we of course can’t rely on the weather to stay fine. So, light layers, on-trend footwear and a combination of shorts and trousers should keep you looking fresh no matter the forecast. A new season means a few new wardrobe investments – or a complete revamp, if you choose. We’ve previously discussed the merits of a wardrobe spring clean, and now is the time to do it – to make room for the new. Once you’ve divested yourself of the layers of knitwear and sweatshirts you’ve been swaddled in all winter, check out what to wear for spring with our menswear editor’s top picks for the British springtime. Oh, and maybe get a pedi if you plan to wear sliders. Grooming is, after all, key to completing a look, and your feet probably haven’t seen daylight since September.


One of the new season’s most controversial trends, but a total winner in our minds. The dad sneaker is a SS18 phenomenon, categorised by chunky soles, uppers and laces – a ‘90s throwback that appeals to our modern-day nostalgia for track tops and rave culture. Wear Gucci’s take on the statement shoe with cargo pants and a smartened-up heavy-weight cotton shirt.


Gone are the days when a man needed to worry about wearing a bag. This is a new season and a progressive new era for style, where unisex dressing is the norm and no one need feel self-conscious for indulging their accessories-related fantasies. This Versus Versace messenger is great for completing a casual look and is ultra practical too.


Sliders were in last year, and thank the fashion gods they are this season, too. Nothing says spring like slipping on a pair of open-toed shoes – it’s the ultimate sartorial expression of summertime. We’ll be opting for these Givenchy logo slides come warmer days, paired with laid-back shorts and a patterned shirt.


Bold, bright and completely unsubtle, red is one of the colours of the season. We like it as a statement alternative to the traditional pastel shades of spring, worn with luxe athletic staples or crisp white Tees and denim.