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The Perfect: Coat For Autumn

The Perfect: Coat For Autumn

In this series, we unpick what makes an essential piece of clothing perfect, and highlight our favourite styles of the season.

In our book, there are a few requirements that need to be met by outerwear for it to be deemed ‘perfect’. The first and most important (perhaps) being warmth. Unless you are so bloody minded in your pursuit of style that warmth and comfort are the last thing on your mind. In fact, if style is first on your agenda, then warmth and comfort may even be bywords for weakness when it comes to choosing your coat. We salute you, sir. However, we think something in between is probably best. We’re big proponents of form and and function when it comes to outerwear. And here we are again – contemplating the subjective nature of perfection. Regardless, here is a rundown of a few key elements necessary for the accolade – no-matter your preference. We tailor to all tastes, shapes and requirements here – one man’s fashion zenith is another man’s ‘dear god that’s fugly and/or completely impractical’. So, for ease, we’ve broken it down below to help you find your perfect jacket for autumn.


Coats and jackets. What’s the difference? We usually identify a jacket as something less robust than a coat – lighter-weight and more formal or casual as the occasion demands. They’re geared more towards style than the purely functional role that coats have played in protecting a man against the elements. Officially, a jacket is defined as shorter, coming down to the waist or hips, whilst a coat will typically extend below both. Having said that, we think it’s up for debate and have loosely applied the term coat to (heaven forfend) outerwear pieces that *might* officially be recognised as jackets. We just quite enjoy breaking the rules.


The outerwear scene (as we like to call it) is so vast and variable at the moment that it’s almost impossible to summarise. For formal pieces, we’re looking to both military-inspired and minimal designs that carry some of the gravitas of their aesthetic. Another top trend on our list is (no surprises here) sportswear. Anoraks and puffa jackets that take their cues from vintage athletic pieces will see you through autumn in off-duty style.


As ever, quality, materials and silhouette are key to your choice of coat and/or jacket. Despite our earlier meandering thoughts on the topic of warmth, we need to argue the case for this value. Coats are meant to keep you warm. That is really their sole purpose. Warmth, and looking cool. Don’t discount either.