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The Perfect: Luxe Italian Handbag

The Perfect: Luxe Italian Handbag

In this series, we unpick what makes a wardrobe hero perfect, and highlight our favourite styles of the season.

When in Rome. Well, Milan actually – and we’re celebrating Italy’s glittering fashion week with an exploration into what makes the perfect Italian handbag. The neo-classical streets of the city will play host to some of the world’s most stylish show-goers over the weekend, each one clutching a handbag guaranteed to turn heads. Famed for their craftsmanship, decadent design and beautiful finishes, Italian handbags are undoubtedly among the world’s finest. Whilst the hunt for anything perfect can be long, the results are worth it, and we’d always recommend taking time to choose any new wardrobe additions (unless you’re feeling particularly indulgent, in which case, don’t think, just do.) Although perfection is ultimately subjective, we believe there are a few key elements that a bag must have in order to be in the running for the title of perfection. Namely; expert craftsmanship, beautiful materials and chic design – the kind that endures. Here, we chart what makes the perfect Italian handbag, regardless of taste.


Italy has been famous for handbags and luggage since time began. Leather bags have been found on the sites of most ancient Italian cities, and the tradition clearly survived the ages. Even the Parisian courts bought their bags from the Italians (although tour Left Bank friends would hate to admit it.) As fashion took over, the likes of Gucci and Gherardini made Italian handbags the cult accessories of the style elite. The big Italian fashion houses have stayed true to the core principles of craftsmanship and beautiful design that made them famous in the first place. We’re talking uber-chic, keep forever bags. The kind that are actually heirlooms. Your daughter will thank you.


There can be no denying the enduring appeal of a bag from Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana or Gucci. Ultimately and utterly stylish, their rarity and exclusivity makes them irresistibly desirable to any fashion maven worth her salt. Whilst the designs coming down the runway are increasingly directional – whether minimally structural or fabulously embellished – the artisanship is always there, and the classics will always have a special place in our hearts. Forever in fashion, some of our favourite styles include the Gucci Marmont and Sylvie, Fendi’s Peekaboo and Kan I and the Dolce & Gabbana Napa.


In all honesty, we find that most handbags from our favourite Italian designers tick the perfection box – each succeeds in a different way to secure the accolade. The skill of the makers and the guaranteed quality. The attention to detail always captures our imaginations – from metalwork bumble bees on zips to sumptuous printed linings and clasps that open in ingenious ways. The materials are always the best around – Italian leather, silk, bamboo (a Gucci calling-card) and velvet being amongst the most decadent and inimitable. Finally, the design: each one is an icon in its own right, always finished with a monogrammed flourish – instantly recognisable, they’re the ultimate stamp of authenticity and the most stylish in the world.

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