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The Travel File: What To Pack

The Travel File: What To Pack

Let’s face it – holiday preparation can be a chore. At times, the thought of packing is even more painful than the gruelling gym sessions we so often submit ourselves to in the weeks before our holidays. Cue the sought-after advice of three seasoned travellers – men who know a thing or two about what to pack. We’ve consulted Matthew pike, a minimalist aesthete and advocate of good design, Joey London, a creative man of the world, and Jeroen Van Es, a sneaker enthusiast with an eye for the perfect snap, to find out what they’ll be packing for their trips abroad.

A little bit of thought goes a long way to ensuring a seamless transition from work to play. To guarantee maximum relaxation and no last-minute panic buys (those fluorescent green shorts from last year were a mistake), we suggest spending some time planning what to pack. Whether you’re heading off on an urban adventure in a pair of trusty sneakers, or will be hitting the pool with full-frontal, lazy-man aplomb (ie. not leaving the sun lounger for seven hours of the day), our style insiders’ advice for holiday packing will make the plunge that much easier. Happy holidays.


You’d think that packing for a beach trip would be fairly easy, but not so much for me. Because of my job, I need to think clothes, hair products and camera equipment. In an ideal world, it would just be a pair of swim shorts and a towel, and everything else would just be an addition. In reality, I need to think constantly about what will look good in terms of photos. I have to make sure my hair is on-point, clothes look cool and I have the right equipment to shoot it all. When it comes to what to pack, a pair of Gucci swim shorts are essential, as are some minimal white sneakers – great for travelling in and exploring. And what’s summer without a printed shirt? I’m always wearing printed shirts in the summer, and this short sleeved one from PS By Paul Smith has ‘holiday’ written all over it. Finally, whatever trip I’m on, I always have to have a decent summer fragrance with me – at the moment it’s Jimmy Choo’s Ice Man. And I never forget my camera.



There a handful of things I would consider essential on a long-haul trip, regardless of the destination. I look for well-made, versatile products that will not only work well in each situation, but also will serve me well for years to come.

A simple pair of white leather sneakers is something that I’d always pack; the lack of bright colours makes them the perfect partner for shorts, chinos or even a suit if I’m away on business. And speaking of classics, this brings me nicely to probably the handiest piece in my travel wardrobe - the grey marl sweatshirt. It’s one of those menswear pieces that has totally stood the test of time, and for me, I wouldn’t travel in anything else due to the comfort and versatility. My case needs to be packed, not filled, so I’ll strongly consider if I really need to pack that extra pair of chinos or t-shirt. But one item I’d never leave without is a white crew neck t-shirt. I’d say the humble white tee is just as important to me as moisturising my face after the shower, or a restaurant with a wide selection of locally sourced beers.



My favourite city break destination has to be New York. For an adventure in the city, I’m always certain to pack some non-negotiable essentials, in particular a pair of white sneakers. If you don’t want to go for your traditionally athletic sneaker brands and are looking for something a bit more luxe, I’d recommmend a pair of Saint Laurent’s classic and understated low top trainers. Combine them with skinny, light blue, distressed jeans and a black T-shirt. Finish this versatile look with a denim jacket, remembering to make sure that your jeans and jacket are two different colors. With this relaxed and easy-to-wear outfit you’re ready to rock the streets of the Big Apple.