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The Wishlist: Pastel Tees

The Wishlist: Pastel Tees

Some trends are easier to negotiate than others, and pastels can be a bit of a grey area. A lot of us don’t seem to know what to do with them, whilst others recoil at the sight of pink (we know you’re more man than that). Don’t be afraid. Embrace their ‘80s, retro connotations and what you’ll find, ultimately, is that they’re an absolute winner in the springtime wardrobe stakes. Surprisingly versatile, they look great worn with both contrasting dark trousers and washed out denim. We’re big fans of introducing some weather-appropriate colour to our wardrobes when the sun comes out, and pastel hues are a great entry point, without having to commit to the full-blown neon yellow look (don’t go there). Perk up your favourite jeans with a pastel crew neck, or layer a polo under a casual blazer for a summer event. There’s a lot to be said for a pastel Tee in the spring time.


Named after that really nice ice cream you had in Rome once (nuts), this shade of green, emblazoned with the iconic Stone Island compass patch, is springtime in T-shirt form. Whilst we wouldn’t recommend pairing it with khaki (only for the brave), it looks great with denim of any sort.


Excuse us for including Stone Island twice in one list, but they do colour better than most. Brighten up your wardrobe with shades of pink, any hue will do (as long as it’s pastel). Polos looks great worn with denim on off-duty days, but we’d also recommend layering with a jersey blazer for a smarter but still nonchalant ensemble.


Green, too, has made it onto this list more than once. If nothing else, it demonstrates what a vast palette the blanket term of ‘pastels’ really covers. The sporting polo fit and contemporary approach to classic styles is typical of Y-3. Not sure what Yohji Yamamoto makes of the colour, but it’s got our stamp of approval.


Channel your inner ‘80s Muscle Beach-man whilst referencing Prince in this long-sleeved lilac T-shirt by Our Legacy. OK, you’re not in LA (which is why the long sleeves come in handy), and your closest affiliation with Prince is that time you sang Purple Rain at the office karaoke. You’ll still look great in this shirt, though.


Or is it lemon? Either way, this crew neck Tee is a sunshine-filled shade guaranteed to brighten any wardrobe. We’d recommend contrasting it with indigo denims (although a wash would work well, too). A playful approach to a certified style essential for when only the Polo pony will do.

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