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The Wishlist: Summer's Best Swimwear

The Wishlist: Summer's Best Swimwear

The long and short of it is this – your trunks count for a lot in the summertime style stakes. If, like us, you spend about 90% of your time on holiday in them, you want to make sure you choose your shorts wisely. Comfort is of course key, as is length, colour, pattern and brand. Whether you hope to make waves at the pool with your choice of playfully printed short-shorts, or prefer to take a sophisticated approach to coastal dressing with subtly branded mid-length swimwear, we’ve got options. At a time when you’re as likely to wear your bathing suit to a wine-soaked lunch on the Amalfi coast as you are to go dive-bombing in the pool, a man needs a decent swimwear wardrobe to ensure all eventualities are covered. Navigating the depths of the season’s swimwear offering can prove tricky, but we’ve got you covered with our edit of SS17’s best. Ride the wave.


Whatever your colour preference, block-coloured shorts are a sure-fire way to achieving witty but elegant seaside style. Classic but somehow daring, these red, verging-on-short-shorts by Dsqaured2 have something of the fashion-conscious Baywatcher about them. Neat. .


Absolute classics in the swimwear game, these side-trimmed Moncler shorts are perfect for chic holidays on the French Riviera, or some other such iconic European resort. Playgrounds of the rich and famous, if you will. Not least of all because of their French heritage, but because they’re shorts you can actually swim in. A great fit for a great bod.


As prints go, Neil Barrett’s signature thunderbolts will give your holiday wardrobe a bit of rock ‘n’ roll edge. Not willing to relinquish your ‘hard-living’ image despite the fact that you’re now on a package holiday in Saint Lucia with three kids in tow? These are the shorts for you.


Guaranteed to keep you looking cool even when it’s 100 degrees in the shade, these Stone Island Marina long shorts remind us of the retro ‘jams’ worn by California surfers back in the day. A bit more sophisticated than their neon forebears, they provide both ample coverage and iconic Stone Island Marina styling.


Paul Smith’s signature stripes lend themselves perfectly to swimming trunks. These are shorts for men with a sense of humour – those who still like to play by the pool, frozen cocktail in hand, grin on their face – who aren’t willing to compromise on style.

Shown with:
Dolce & Gabbana Ibiza Leather Flip Flop
Gucci Round Frame Sunglasses