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The Wishlist: Transitional Outerwear

The Wishlist: Transitional Outerwear

Spring – warmer weather, a lot less rain, and a significantly reduced need for thermal underwear. The danger, as some of the FLANNELS Man team experienced last weekend, is of over-optimism at the first sign of sun. Shedding the last scrap of outerwear in favour of T-shirts and shorts, you rediscover that, actually, we’re in Britain, and the likelihood is that it’ll be damp ‘til June, with a high chance of torrential rain and evening temperatures dropping to zero. Suns out, guns out, indeed. Avoid looking like a lost parakeet in the North Pole by checking out our wishlist of perfect, transitional outerwear. Wintertime favourite Moncler produce luxury, lightweight versions of their iconic down jackets that are perfect for UK spring temperatures, whilst Valentino’s stylishly studded take on the classic bomber is a must for men who like a bit of rebellion in their wardrobes.


Whoever said bombers had to be purely utilitarian? Certainly not Mr. Valentino, who has decked his luxe take on the traditional silhouette with shining studs on both zip and shoulders. Wear with distressed denims and crisp white trainers for slick off-duty style.


Gone are the days when the shell jacket was the sole concern of manufacturers and arbiters of sportswear. These days, the most exclusive designers, including Gucci, have put their luxe spin on the terrace favourite. Wear this electric blue Gucci shell with black jeans and a statement sweat. Zip up.


Perhaps better known for their heavyweight, super-luxe down jackets, Alpine outerwear extraordinaires Moncler have turned their hand to springtime apparel, with huge success. Pair this athletic style with light-washed jeans and a red Tee to really set the signature tricolour detailing off.


Two words. Italian. Leather. That alone is reason enough for us to want to invest in this buttery-soft contrast trim leather jacket by Dolce & Gabbana. Timeless and simple, this beautifully crafted style will have you adopting café culture and speaking with your hands in no time. Oh Mama.


Quilted, yes, heavy, no. This Moncler quilted jacket will destroy all of your preconceived notions of what a down jacket means. Perfect for those of us not willing to surrender the comfort of our Moncler overcoats just yet, wear with a red Tee underneath on days when the wind has slightly less bite.