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Sneaker Series:   Unmistakable, Unforgettable, Unmissable

Sneaker Series: Unmistakable, Unforgettable, Unmissable

When it comes to shoes, there's nothing wrong with playing it safe and sticking to the classics. Subtle colour schemes? Sensible laces? Cracking stuff. But this is not a post about keeping your style conservative— FLANNELS want you to stand out from the crowd, and that means picking trainers that will scandalise and surprise.  This week on Style News, we've focused our attention on the boldest trainer designs about, the ones that'll overhaul your shoe game (and maybe the world). Buckle up: we're about to get into some genuinely out-of-this-world creps.

Jimmy Choo Raine trainers


Jimmy Choo are renowned for crafting glamorous designs for women, particularly with regal metallic touches, heels that look like a blinged-out watch with stilettos, that type of thing. The chunky sneaker trend of recent years makes a fine base for the label's hyper-polished touches, as sparkling details run rampant across the Raine trainer's supple leather. Held up high by a thick sole, these are just impossible to ignore.

Gucci G Line trainers


Gucci's G-Line model is a showcase in next level opulence, combining several suede panels with breathable mesh into a retro-inspired silhouette. The subtle differences in the texture of the design are complemented by... well, let's call it a noticeable colour scheme. If you're looking for a pair of real dazzlers, you can't go wrong with this frenzy of flash, courtesy of our favourite Florentine maximalists.

Vetements Spike Runner trainers


Since 2014, Vetements have distorted and reassembled every fashion tenet that we can think of. True disrupters in every sense of the word, even the label's minimalist designs are aggressive: take this monochrome version of the Spike Runner 200s. Built for high-mileage running, the silhouette pays tribute to a model from the Reebok archives, but makes the athletic design sleeker, edgier and more architectural. All-day comfort, all-day cool, maybe some all-day chaos too: it certainly is a Vetements shoe.

Balmain B-Bold trainers


Here's a series of things you cannot miss about the Balmain B-Bolds: a speckled mid-sole, pastel pink metal hardware, lime green accents, heavy-duty soles (yes, plural), hiking-inspired laces, a shark-tooth-style toe that drapes over the front. We've not seen a lot of trainers like these, and that's why when you put them on, you'll surely be the talk of the town.