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AT FLANNELS:      Gifting with Trillary Banks

AT FLANNELS: Gifting with Trillary Banks

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, so to give you a helping hand with nailing those tricky gifts, rapper, MC and musician Trillary Banks has handpicked her favourite things to give - and receive - this year.

From a Jimmy Choo handbag to Creed’s decadent Love In White Eau de Parfum, start building your shopping list now.

How do you normally shop? Do you prepare early or last minute?
It all boils down to what mood I’m in, sometimes I want to buy things in advance and get it out the way, other times it’s really last minute. Or sometimes I see something and I’m like I’ve got to get this because they’re gonna adore it. I just know when certain people are going to like certain things.

How do you normally celebrate the festivities?
Me and my family are more on a spiritual tip, we celebrate just being there for each other. We chill, we drink, we have ‘us’ time. Do karaoke, eat and appreciate the silence of life. Opening gifts, being so full you can’t move, playing Monopoly for hours, just loving life.

And for 2020?
Well, this festive season isn’t gonna be any different, the whole point is to spend time at home and stay together. It’s the simple things that make me the happiest.