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Gift Guide:          The Perfect Match For Him

Gift Guide: The Perfect Match For Him

Look: we get that February is still winter, and whether or not you're coupled up, you're trying to remain as warm as possible, likely under a ludicrous amount of layers. But Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching, and that means passion, romance and straight-up LOVE, and that's the opposite of the hibernation you've been in since December. But don't fret! We're here with advice on how to heat things up, with the help of some top-notch gift ideas. In the spirit of our latest campaign, we also have some classic chat-up lines to help get the object of your affection hot under the collar. (Results may vary. Do not blame FLANNELS for any dismissive laughter sent in your direction.)

Valentino Rockstud Camouflage Trainers


The Line: Tie your laces, I'd hate you falling for someone else.
FLANNELS Advice: A terrific line, but make sure to say it outside of the gifting process. Say you hand over these neat Valentino Rockrunner trainers to the gent of your dreams, then say the line - sounds like a direct order, right? Not suave. Tread carefully.

Trainers by Valentino
Bond No. 9 Wall Street fragrance


The Line: We make perfect scents together.
FLANNELS Advice: Many say that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but that's wrong: it's puns. People physically groan after puns. So you'll have to spray some Bond No. 9 parfum for the object of your affection, wait for the notes of lavender to smooth his senses, and only then have you set up this slam dunk of a chat-up line.

Fragrance by Bond No. 9
Prada nylon sidebag


The Line: You’ve got my love in the bag.
FLANNELS Advice: A classic line, hopefully prompting a strong get in! response from the recipient. If that doesn't happen, maybe show off this Prada design to illustrate your point. Sometimes you'll need props to get the point across.

Bag by Prada
Burberry check belt


The Line: Are you checking me out?
FLANNELS Advice: When a chat-up line doubles up as a question, you have to be careful with the delivery. Yet again, it helps if you've gifts to help get your point across, like this specific Burberry belt. As fashionable as the iconic brand's monogram belts are, this line may not work with them. Context, like timing, is everything.

Belt by Burberry
Gucci MD38 watch


The Line: I can't wait to spend time with you.
FLANNELS Advice: Look, this is a play on words like all cheeky chat-up lines. But whether or not it's Gucci 'o clock, it sounds so heartfelt that you have to mean it. So this Valentine's Day, make sure you're delivering this to someone you definitely want to spend time with. Go on: romance isn't dead.

Watch by Gucci