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Gift Guide:          The Perfect Match For Her

Gift Guide: The Perfect Match For Her

Look: we get that February is still winter, and whether or not you are coupled up, you're trying to remain as warm as possible, likely under a ludicrous amount of layers. But Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching, and that means passion, romance and straight-up lurve, and that's the opposite of the hibernation you've been in since December. But don't fret! We're here with advice on how to heat things up, with the help of some top-notch gift ideas. In the spirit of our latest campaign, we also have some classic chat-up lines to help get the object of your affection hot under the collar. (Results may vary. Do not blame FLANNELS for any dismissive laughter sent in your direction.)

Vivienne Westwood Mayfair Bas Relief earrings


The Line: Those earrings look great on you, I bet I would too.
FLANNELS Advice: Step 1: gift the lady of your dreams these elegant-yet-transgressive earrings from Vivienne Westwood Jewellery. Step 2: wait until she's put them on, then drop the line above in your sultriest voice. Step 3: either she's held onto the earrings and thrown you out, or she's got a glimmer in her eye. Well done, she thinks you're a real stud. (Get it?)

Earrings by Vivienne Westwood Jewellery
Tom Ford mini crossbody bag


The Line: You’ve got my love in the bag.
FLANNELS Advice: Hand over this sleek Tom Ford crossbody, then hit her with the line above. Either she melts at the dedication of eternal love, or gets confused and unclasps the bag, thinking that your love is physically inside. If this happens, we have no advice - you're on your own from here, mate.

Bag by Tom Ford
Burberry giant Icon check scarf


The Line: Are you checking me out?
FLANNELS Advice: You need some confidence to pull this off, so check yourself out in the mirror and know that you look an absolute treat, then drop this line. Oh, it also helps to have a Burberry scarf so that the play on words lands. You'll need that too.

Scarf by Burberry
Black and gold Moschino belt


The Line: Know what would look great on you? Me.
FLANNELS Advice: BOOM! Drop the metaphorical mic, because you've uttered the literal best chat-up saying of all time. You've got game like FIFA. Seal the deal with this gold-encrusted Moschino belt and hope she doesn't think you are passive-aggressively commenting on her haircare.

Belt by Moschino
Balmain logo phone case


The Line: I’ve lost my phone number. Can I have yours?
FLANNELS Advice: This only works if you don't have the contact deets for the apple of your eye. If you already do, expect questions — smooth things over with this Balmain phone case. 

Phone case by Balmain