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Wardrobe Series: Jake Hall

Wardrobe Series: Jake Hall

Jake Hall is now more famous for runway appearances and co-founding fashion label Prevu than his stint on one of the UK’s favourite TV shows. After spending a day hanging out in the creative’s rural home, we can confirm that IRL he’s a bit of a maverick and the kind of guy you want to go down the boozer with. His roguish charm and easy style have won him many fans, including those that follow him on social media where he documents his journey as a brand-owner and new father in intimate detail. His influence is something that many in the fashion industry are sitting up and taking note of, and Italian favourite Dolce & Gabbana have wholly embraced the Essex-boy-turned-East-London-creative as one of their own. The 27 year-old has by most estimates done and achieved more than many men twice his age. From being a regular feature on British TV to starting his own brand, he now splits his time between doting on his daughter River and putting in the hours at his studio. His style is modern, comfortable and clean cut, much like his brand Prevu’s range of minimialist and athletic staples. Graft, instinct and working with the right people have got him from DIY startup to industry competitor, with everyone from the Beckhams to the Hadids sporting his laid-back-luxe wares.

Here, Jake gives us an inside look at his wardrobe and talks us through what it takes to be a brand-owner and a new father.

What have you learned about yourself as you’ve transitioned from one of the UK’s most talked-about TV stars to brand-owner, East-London creative and super-brand runway star?

To stay focused, driven and not to rely on other people. If you want something done, do it yourself and grab every opportunity that presents itself with both hands.

Where did your interest in fashion come from?

My interest in fashion was very much a gift passed down to me by my father. He had worked in the rag trade for many years, so from an early age I was aware of the industry. As a kid in Somerset I would dig through some of my favorite stores, finding pieces I found interesting to buy and sell to friends for a small profit. It wasn’t until a little later on in life when my football career had slowed down that I chose to hone my love of fashion and begin to build a brand of my own. I feel as if I have always had the image of Prevu in my mind, it was just about finding the right moment to really focus my enthusiasm and energy. Starting in an empty garage with nothing but a second hand sewing machine, a friend and I who would pattern cut started Prevu. Not necessarily as we know it today mind you – I would like to say our wares are a little more refined than those of the early days in that garage.

What is it about East London that drew you to set up your brand there?

We love it, everyone is on our doorstep. We love to mix business and pleasure. It just works to be in the area, the atmosphere and feel of East London fits perfectly with Prevu.

Jake wears: T-shirt Dolce & Gabbana, Jogging Bottoms Valentino

How have you gone about making Prevu work?

The whole team digs in and does what needs to be done. Including myself – if that includes a social media take over, modelling, sales or design influence so be it. I would say that building the right team has to be up there as one of the biggest challenges we’ve faced. The right team is integral to the brand’s success and wellbeing, and in my eyes cannot be overlooked or underestimated in any way.

Who is the Prevu man or woman?

Men and women that care about how they look, how their clothes feel and what their choice of clothes says about them. I would say that the Prevu wearer understands fabrics and fit and looks to demonstrate this in what they wear day to day.

What has been your most significant fashion moment to date?

Opening an account with Flannels last year was a watershed moment for me. It confirmed and pushed my belief in Prevu's potential.

Jake wears: Jeans Saint Laurent, Loafers Gucci, Bag Gucci, Trainers Givenchy, Bomber Jacket Gucci, Denim Jacket Balmain, T-shirt Lanvin

Talk us through your recent runway show for Dolce & Gabbana (and the mad dash to see the birth of your baby daughter) .

Walking the runway for Dolce & Gabbana was surreal. It was an honor and something that is bucket list worthy in my eyes. This all of course pales in comparison to my daughter River. She has quite literally brought new levels of love and energy to our lives.

How are you finding combining being a father and an entrepreneur?

It of course does not come without its difficulties but being a father and working to build Prevu are my two greatest passions. Life is a little easier when you can give your two greatest loves every minute of your time.

How would you describe your personal style?

Smart-casual that’s both comfortable and practical but with an edge. I would have to say that the films Blow, The Business and The Champ have been huge influences on my personal style. I find myself being influenced by different things from day to day, whether it be music in the studio or a conversation I’ve had earlier that morning. It’s important to talk about ideas with different people.

What brands do you find yourself returning to time and again?

Lanvin, Saint Laurent, Missoni, Prada and Valentino spring to mind first. I will always be a fan of timeless, classic fashion that has a touch of flare and something different about it.

What’s the most extravagant item of clothing you’ve ever bought?

Less extravagant, a little more sentimental. My grandad’s baker boy hat. He passed it down to me and it is a special piece.

When you’re getting dressed in the morning, what are your go-to wardrobe staples?

Good clean underwear is always a solid start. A Prevu twinset combines practicality and style so these paired with a clean pair of white trainers seems to do the trick.

The outfit you most regret wearing?

Off the top of my head nothing springs to mind, I like to think I’m quietly self-aware. Mind you, this is probably a question for my mum, she always has pretty strong opinions about what I’m wearing. She tends to voice them a little louder if she’s not a fan too.

Jake wears: Jacket Fendi, T-shirt Lanvin