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At Home With…  Carlotta, Leah, Danielle And Nicole

At Home With… Carlotta, Leah, Danielle And Nicole

Over the past 12 months, our worlds have gotten a little bit smaller and our home lives have taken centre stage. So, in lockdown 3.0 we’ve stepped inside the worlds of our extended FLANNELS family, as they share their at-home habits, what gets their creative juices flowing and the music that’s playing on repeat.

From stylists to DJs, creators to artists, this is how some of our favourite FLANNELS tastemakers are adding a little flavour back into their wardrobes for 2021. Warning: there’s not a sweatpant in sight.

Here, Carlotta Constant, Leah Weller and Danielle and Nicole Kahlani share their world in threads by Vetements, Vivienne Westwood and Balmain.

Carlotta wears Vetements two piece
Carlotta wears Vetements two piece


Favourite celebrity you’ve ever styled?
I think my favourite celebrity that I’ve ever styled is Anthony Joshua. I did him recently for a big advert and it was everywhere - all over TV - so that was something that I was really proud of. He’s a lovely guy. It was really fun and also challenging, because I got to style someone who is 6”6 and extremely broad.

What’s your secret to a great outfit?  
I think the secret to a great outfit is just wearing it with confidence. Honestly, if you have confidence and you own it then you can make anything look good.

How do you stay connected during these times?  
My mum lives abroad, so for me it’s really important to stay connected during these times. We WhatsApp call, Facetime, Zoom, everything so we can see each other. We’ve also recently got into playing games, games that you can play with two players across the world - apps like Scrabble. It’s been really fun and it’s a nicer way to connect with someone, especially at a time like this.

Right now, dressing up means…  
Right now, dressing up means wearing something that I would wear going out and feeling sassy in it, feeling great. Just putting this on today has made me feel so good. It’s made me feel a little bit normal doing my hair and doing my makeup. I would recommend to anyone just have a day doing that, cos it’s fun.

How do you stay creative at home?  
I’ve done quite a few things to try and stay creative. I feel like everyone’s been through the whole banana bread phase or growing tomatoes and I’ve been trying to brush up on my culinary skills. But I’ve also been painting; a lot of painting. Painting shoes, which has been really fun, and then my boyfriend bought me an easel which was really nice.

What song are you playing on repeat?  
The song that I’m playing on repeat at the moment is Coffee by Playyard. It is such a good song. Honestly, every time that I wake up and put that song on, it just makes me feel a thousand times better. It just makes your day start right and it feels really good.

How are you getting your culture fix at home?  
The main way that I’m getting my culture fix at home is reading. I’ve been reading so much recently, and also watching TV, and just teaching myself and bettering myself. I think that’s very important at a time like this, to be humbled and be better. Basically, be better and do better.

Leah wears Vivienne Westwood suit, necklace and bag
Leah wears Vivienne Westwood suit, necklace and bag


What’s the last song of the night?
Let’s Go Crazy by Prince. You can’t go wrong with that track.

Your go-to crowd pleaser track?
Jump Around by House of Pain. That track can make anyone dance. I really miss DJing, it was such a vibe to dance around all night. I miss those days.

How do you stay connected during these times?
It’s not my preferred way of staying connected, but I’ve been using a lot of Facetime and Instagram. I much prefer meeting up with my friends and loved ones face to face.

Right now, dressing up means…
Usually, dressing up for me is a blazer, a dress and heeled boot.

How do you stay creative at home?
I’m usually writing music or playing the guitar to stay creative. I’ve gotten back into drawing too.

What are you playing on repeat?
Flowers in December by Mazzy Star.

How are you getting your culture fix at home?
My husband is Japanese and we have been cooking a lot of Japanese cuisine to bring some culture into our lives.

Nicole and Danielle wear Balmain Cardigan, blazer, wrap and bag
Nicole and Danielle wear Balmain Cardigan, blazer, wrap and bag


What’s the best thing about working together?

The best thing about working together is that we get to have fun. We laugh all the time because we feel so comfortable in each other’s space. We are so lucky and grateful to be best friends, who do what we love, whilst supporting one another in our creative ideas. Also, if we are having a tough day, we have no fear or shame expressing it, but just coaching each other through it.

Sisterhood means…
True sisterhood is a relationship with no filter. Having the ability to say what we think, which can be hurtful at times, but we always make up regardless of the drama. We have each other’s backs.

Sisters first or friends first?
Fortunately for us, it is sisters first, however, we really value our friends and wouldn’t be where we are today without them. Actually, our best friends are like our sisters.

How do you stay connected during these times?
Technology is a godsend. We have daily Zoom calls with each other on our new project we are working on together. Then, constant Whatsapp. We don’t have one day that goes by where we don’t talk to be honest, we’re in a committed relationship.

Right now, dressing up means…
It’s an opportunity to have fun and instantly makes us feel good, reminding us of how we would dress up and party. We also love to sometimes play on being twins and wear matching outfits – like the two-piece cropped jacket and skirt we’re wearing – obsessed. We are identical twins, so we try and make a conscious effort that there is no competition. We aim to feel content within ourselves, whilst allowing each other to be individuals who complement each other’s own personal style.

How do you stay creative at home?
It comes through self-care, which entails The Artist’s Way Morning Pages Journal, meditation and silence to hear what comes through intuitively. Then also anything that makes us happy, which at the moment is playing our new favourite song and dancing to it over Zoom. When we feel good, it’s easy to be creative as we have no fear or worry that is blocking our creative flow.