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Designer Focus: Balenciaga

Designer Focus: Balenciaga

Let's cut to the chase: Balenciaga is now online! This week at Style News, we think it's a perfect opportunity to look at the historic brand and its most-loved pieces, many of which come from the mind of their creative director, the Georgian dynamo and Vetements founder Demna Gvasalia. If you want to know your Triple S to your Speed sock, your Bernie Sanders from your diagonals, you know what you need to do. Read on. Believe in Balenciaga.

Balenciaga Triple S sneaker


You know chunky trainers, of course you do. But this? This is the chunky trainer. Presented by Gvasalia to bemused Balenciaga executives prior to its 2017 runway debut, the Triple S is the silhouette that shook the sneaker world to its core. It's a mash-up piece, combining running, basketball and track shoe soles, hence "Triple S". It's in the trainer hall of fame, if such a thing exists.

Balenciaga graffiti City bag


Some call it the City bag, others opt for the Lariat, but we call this the 'it bag'. Created by former creative director (and current Louis Vuitton womenswear designer) Nicolas Ghesquière, this famed accessory nearly never made it to the runway, let along boutique shelves. Some people weren't happy with the prototype, so Ghesquière never put it into production. Cue Kate Moss, who saw its vintage style and fell in love with it. Fast forward to now, and it's still an icon, shown above in a rough-and-tumble graffiti'd style.

Balenciaga campaign logo cap


Vote for Demna! Introduced in 2016, this white-red-n-blue signature is one of the designer's most enduring takes on the Balenciaga logo. It's no secret that the graphic is inspired by American politician Bernie Sanders and his 2016 campaign for the Democratic party. To his credit, Sanders seems not too bothered about Gvasalia's take on his logo — he's more flummoxed about inspiring anything in fashion.  “Of my many attributes," he said in 2017, "being a fashion maven isn't one of them.”

Balenciaga Speed sneaker


Immortalised by Cardi B as "the ones that look like socks" on her hit 'I Like It', the Speed is tied for first in the Balenciaga sneaker race. Pared-down compared to the maximalist style of the Triple S, this minimal sock-like design has captured hearts the world over. Plus, they combine the sock and shoe into one, so getting ready in the morning is even easier: functional!

Balenciaga all-over logo dress


Speaking of Demna designs that are often imitated but never duplicated: the all-over logo. A simple idea done very very well, the creative director redesigned the house's logo in 2017, opting for a bolder, shorter approach inspired by "the clarity of public transportation signage".  Then, he turned it a little bit on its side, like on the dress above, and the world lost its mind. We can't blame them.