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Leomie and Friends: Meet Ciara London

Leomie and Friends: Meet Ciara London

To mark Women's History Month and celebrate the drop of Leomie Anderson’s exclusive LAPP capsule for FLANNELS, the model-turned-designer sat down with her squad in a series of no-holds-barred interviews.

Bringing the LAPP ethos of inclusivity, diversity and feminism to life, the series delves deep. From rapper Ms Banks on coming up as a Black artist to supermodel - and former face of FLANNELS - Jourdan Dunn on motherhood and the challenges of lockdown, the conversation centres around inspiring women, the challenges we all have to face and, of course, the brilliance of Leomie’s label LAPP, which endeavours to make sportswear more inclusive.

Third in the series is personal trainer and female empowerment advocate Ciara London. Known for her popular live-streamed Instagram workouts and body positivity and self-love activism, Ciara has taken the fitness world by storm. Spreading confidence and affirmations, she opens up about being a female CEO, what it means to be ‘fit’ and why she’s stopped considering herself lucky.

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On adapting her business…

I was not confident doing it, honestly, I was so scared. I’ve never ventured into online so for me it was just like the first thought of the trolls, I don’t know what people will say, but it was one of those things that was like do or die and if I don’t go online when the gyms are shut there’s no other way of accessing humans.


On Body Squad…

It gave everyone structure at a time when all of their structure was gone, they didn’t have a routine anymore, but I think over time it’s become so much more than that. People have made friends and I think that’s what people have needed this year. They’ve needed to feel connected to other people and this was just a platform to do that.


On surgery…

We are such a generation of quick fixes; everyone just wants everything now. We see these unrealistic presentations of what humans look like in 2021 and it’s not real.


On ‘fit’ ness…

There’s an idea that ‘fit’ needs to look fit. It has to come with abs, a sculpted six pack and big muscles, but that’s not true. I’ve learnt that through teaching 500 women a week, fit girls come in all different shapes and sizes. It’s breaking stereotypes and understanding that we are all worthy and perfect as we are.

Ciara London wears LAPP top, leggings and bra
Ciara London wears LAPP top, leggings and bra

On why people love The Squad…

People love The Squad because I can do this in secret at home with my hair in a wrap or in a pineapple bun or in my pyjamas with my spots out and I don’t need to worry about the guys behind me or the really fit girl in the gym trying to give me looks and making me feel like I don’t belong here.



What I love about LAPP is that I wear it not just for training. It’s so cosy. It’s nice material, that LAPP tracksuit hasn’t faded, I love the fit. The triangle bra gave you like a really nice side boob, it makes you feel sexy. I’m genuinely a big fan.

On luck…

I think that it’s taken me until now to realise that maybe it wasn’t luck and actually it’s just a case of I’d been doing this for the last few years and an opportunity came along, I was ready for the opportunity.

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Stay tuned for the next instalment of Leomie and Friends on Wednesday the 24th of March with Neelam Gill.