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On Trend: Lay Back In Luxury

On Trend: Lay Back In Luxury

Now, you should never wear your street clothes in your house. Some of you are going to disagree, but let's be real: you don't want to lounge on your bed in a pair of jeans. So you need some top-notch, high-end options for house clothes, which is where your pals at FLANNELS come in. You better believe that, this week, you're going to get some ideas for luxurious loungewear. So lean back, kick your feet up, and... if you're going to kick those up, take those trainers off beforehand, cheers.

Versace marble sweatshirt


You can go really low-key at home with your sweatshirt options, but make sure to treat yourself when doing so. Saint Laurent's mini logo design has a rock'n'roll feel with its rugged, pre-worn feel, while Gucci's oversized logo sweat shares a vintage aesthetic. Don't feel scared to go all out, either, with colourful options from Versace and Kenzo (with their iconic tiger sweat). Home deserves bursts of colours, too!


You don't have to wear jeans or skirts at home, but you don't want to overload on the leggings either. That's when our wonderful selection of sweatpants comes in, ranging from lightweight, technical styles from Gucci and Off-White to more traditional lounge-ready silhouettes from Burberry and Peggy Gou's Kirin.

Burberry sweatpants close-up
Valentino Rockstud jelly slides


Home is somewhere you can be relaxed, for sure, but don't feel like you only have your half-flattened slippers to walk about in. Go for some girlboss-ready slides, especially with the luxe efforts from Gucci, Valentino and Fendi, all of which give off a powerful vibe thanks to their iconic logo prints.If you want something a little cuter, look at the bright pink jelly sandal from Valentino. We don't think you're ready for this jelly! Okay, sorry. We hope you'll let that one slide. (Okay, we'll stop now.)


While we're talking about luxury at home, you shouldn't ever discount the humble sock. When working from home, you should be standing up for fifteen minutes out of every hour — so why wouldn't you invest into making your poor feet feel their best? Take care of yourself with soft pairs from Fendi (crafted from lurex), Gucci (showing off a glimmering lamé detail), Prada (made from their championed nylon) And if you feel like taking on that Youtube workout in style, Alexander McQueen have you covered there.

Prada socks
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